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On Average it takes 30 to 45 days to get your first responses back from the credit bureaus.

We recommend that you keep the service for at least three months to get a real start on progress. The longer you continue to work removing on the negative items the better.

We do have an agreement for services that we keep on file for one year however you are not obligated to make a monthly contribution if you no longer wish to have services rendered. Our platform is pay as you go so if you pay your invoice you get service for that month if you do not pay your invoice you do not get service for that month.
Yes you may start services and stop Services whenever you would like just keep in mind that services p are not refundable after your 3-day initial service. We also do not prorate services that were rendered for the month.
We do have a referral program that gives you $25 credit towards your service for each individual you refer who signs up for service.
We do have an affiliate program that allows individuals who wish to start their own credit repair business a chance to do so contact our office for more details.

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